My Goodness

Hello Internet,

I am not sure where the time has gone this year. Life has been mean and kind off and on since my last post. But that is how life can be I suppose.

I am not sure where really to begin so I will just jump in on a few things.

  • Writing is going well, but I am still not where I want to be on keeping to a set schedule. As this blog can obviously show, but I am trying.
  • A Kickstarter I followed succeeded an I am ecstatic for it. It is gaming related more than writing but I am hoping to merge the two in a way. More on that in a future post.

I try to make a big post updating everything and I realize that would be too big. So I will wrap this up here.

More Recent Movie Viewings

Sorry for the delay since my last post, I’m trying to keep up with this a bit more as a personal goal. Now that the holidays are over, things should be a bit easier.

Before I ramble on too much, let’s jump back into the topic. Even with all the holiday madness, I still managed to catch a few movies. And like before, these won’t be formal reviews. Just my random rambles about them all.

Mary Poppins Returns

Oh my goodness this movie! I am a unabashed Disney movie fan,* and Mary Poppins is one of my favorites ever. Hearing about any potential sequel, yes even a reboot. I find myself hopeful that we could get something different and even possibly something better.

But this is Mary Poppins after all, but then I heard some potential good news. The first was that the estate of the original author of the Mary Poppins book series had given their approval to the project. Then Julie Andrews herself and Dick Van Dyke both of which gave blessings to as well. But I admit I was still nervous sitting down and watching it.

I am so glad to say that my worries were completely and totally unfounded. What a simply magical movie that I enjoyed immensely in every way. Music, characters, story, just everything in this movie worked so very well. An absolutely must see immediately!


So this one I also was hopeful with, having grown up with the Generation 1 animated series. But the previous live actions films were I thought anywhere from dang good to meh. But again good news was this was supposed to be a new look and feel. And being a lifelong fan of Bumblebee, I decided I had to give this a try.

I am so very glad I did so, as I was extremely pleased with this one. And if you will allow my inner kid to squee, holy cow the opening battle was amazing!! No spoilers ever but he makes his way to Earth and there are adventures to be had.

All of which were great fun with Autobot and human. And I would love a reboot or re-skin of the first live-action Transformers with the character models from this film. Also highly recommended when it arrives.

So I have reached the end of this post, that has also been much delayed since I originally was working on it. I deeply apologize for anyone who might be reading my little blog. But I am hoping to honestly turn this into an ongoing project of this and that. More updates soon.

* I am not saying that Disney is a perfect company. All I am saying is that I am a huge fan of various Disney movies.

Recent Movie Viewings

Okay, recent is a relative term in this case. But that is the fun of working retail during the holiday seasons.

Anyways, during the last while I had the privledge of seeing a few great movies. And I wanted to share some of my thoughts about them. Not really trying for any reviews, just my random thoughts was all.

The House With A Clock In It’s Walls:

So this one was a fun romp that I didn’t realize was based off a book series. The story is about a young man who moves in with his uncle after a tragedy. Of course all is not as it seems for good and bad.

I think we just don’t appreciate fun movies anymore, and that’s a shame. This is exactly that, a fun time you can enjoy with almost anyone. There are references to demons/dark magic that are a bit creepy. Just as a warning to anyone with children or of certain beliefs. But just pop some popcorn and enjoy. I hope they make more in the series!

The Nutcracker And The Four Realms

So the story of The Nutcracker is obviously quite well known. But this is following a new trend in the movie industry. Take something you know but make something new from it. And that’s exactly what this movie did to the Nutcracker tale.

Beautiful worlds, great characters, and a grand adventure await anyone who watches this one. I really adored this one for a whole lot of reasons. But it really comes back down to just enjoying yourself at the movies again. Great protagonist as well who accepted help but at no time was ever a damsel. Great to see that as well, but I look forward to the day when I don’t have to emphasize that as such a big deal.

To Be Continued…

So I have a few more movies that I am going to continue this post with. But that will come a bit later as I don’t want to make it too long. So obviously there will be more coming soon. Take care.

Greetings Programs

So I have come to the conclusion that any introduction post must start with that title. 10 House Points to anyone who knows the source of the quote.

Anyways, I’m Thomas and I want to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. Random thought, why is it always a “corner” when your referring to a spot.

Sorry, but that’s what you will get around here. Random quotes from this and that. House points optional, but I might make it a thing. (Go, Go, Gryffindor!) Lots of geekery from various sources and fandoms. And an attempt at focusing my attention on starting a career in writing and dabbling in some other things as well.

Everyone is welcome, but I won’t tolerate any hate here. But if you like sit a spell, hang around and lets make stuff.